I am a Selfish lover- Red prawns in Malai

I am a selfish shellfish lover. I have a love for crustaceans. Even though crab tops the list , prawn comes in a close second. If you have read couple of my previous blogs you would have realised i love recipes that is easy(less pounding, grinding mixing), fast, less ingredients and last but not the least tasty. Red prawns in malai as my previous post Kerala Fish Bake , and Karimpumkala Toddy Shop Prawns Fry is simple and taste great.

Prawns - 2 cups
Sliced Potato - 1 cup
Vinegar - 2dsp
Ginger - 1"
Garlic 1dsp
Sliced onions - 1 cup
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Tomato pieces 1/2 Cup
Dry chillies - 10
Sugar - A pinch
Salt as you req
Cream - 2 tbspoon
Oil - 4 Dsp

Cook prawns in vinegar , salted water and minced ginger till dry.
Grind the skin of chillies with garlic. If you want it spicy leave 3 chillies with seeds on.
Cut the potato slices into thin matchstick pieces and keep in water. Dry them and fry them crisp over low fire. Next fry onions till golden brown and remove. Now add the ground masala and saute well and add prawns. Fry for 3 minutes. Add the fried potato, sauteed onions , tomatoes, a pinch of sugar and salt. Let it cook for 5 minutes or till the tomato is completely cooked. Now simmers and add the cream . Let it cook for a minute or two in low fire and remove it. Your dish is done . SAVOUR IT WITH RICE OR CHAPATHI.
Suggestion: I have tried this with the matchstick french fries we get in freezer section instead of potatoes. Works well too


Padmaja said...

Mocha!! that recipe is so good and love those amazing prawns!!
As an avid fan of prawns this is not fair as i keep seeing so many of you posting prwans recipes!! I saw prawns @ mallika's and now you!!!!

Rachel said...

I am a seafood fan too..But prawns top my list! Potato with the prawns sound good!

Mishmash ! said...

me too a selfish/shellfish lover :)

Ashu said...

Prawns top my list! This dish looks so yummy .... slurp... wish I could have it right now !!

Nags said...

i love prawns too!

Kribha said...

Prawns is my fav too. Never cooked it like yours before. beautiful recipe and gorgeous presentation.

Cynthia said...

Me too! :D

Seena said...

Hey, Mocha, me too loves prawns, especially our naadan curries,
couldn't see the recent post..

sagari said...

hi mocha i dont eat prawna but bu husbend loves them your recipe look delecious have try once