Christmas tradition..................Fruit Cake Kerala Style

The Christmas tree has been decorated,
The cookies have been baked,
The gifts have been wrapped,

The sounds of Santa’s sleigh is still far away,
But there is still one thing left to be done before the end of day .

The New year is almost here and like most of you I have many things that has to done. One is to thank all of you for your support and encouragement at each turn in life of my blog. Thank you all.

I was recently going through recipes of fruit cake and something that Archana of Spicyana had written caught my attention. "A mere mention of the word “fruitcake” during holiday season evokes strong sentiments among people, they love it or hate it, at least on this matter we all seem to have a decision made ."

Growing in Kerala I used to hate this cake. It stood no chance with the cream filled pastries . But during Christmas time my house was flooded with plum cakes with and without icing. I hated each and every version. Why did I hate it? I have no idea , I never even would have tasted it it just because I thought I wont like it. I didn't want to try it.

About four years ago , I ate this cake at my friends(SJ & NP) house for Christmas. I don't know whether it was nostalgia about my darling home, or the fact I was pregnant and my taste had changed or whether it was served in company of my good friends the cake tasted delicious. I have ever since been craving for this cake. But I never make it at home only because I feel this is time consuming cake and I really hate recipes with to many ingredients and to much work. But Shn's post really inspired me to try it. I usually give cookies to my neighbors for Christmas and this year I decided to make this instead .

Thank you Mishmash, for sharing the recipe. Honestly I was scared I would screw up this recipe as it was out of my league all together. (too much work for me)

For the second round I used spicyana's recipe because I didn't have any wine left and was running short of rum and she suggested using orange juice.

I am also sending this cake (via Internet, imagination required) to my old classmate Seema.
We always tend take for granted the things around us. Growing up I was crazy student in college. I was the loud mouth crazy girl and I never got to know many of my classmates well as i should have (I thought I knew everyone ).Recently after 10 years I was reacquainted with her(we weren't the best buddies )and more I began to talk to her I realised that she was way different than what I had perceived. She was powerhouse of creativity . She was everything that I loved. So Seema if you ever get a chance to read this blog I am sending you this Fruitcake as Holiday gift to you and wishing you all good things in life.
So sending this cake to Mishmash & Archana for recipe , SJ & NP for reintroducing me to Fruit cake and to Seema.

Happy Holidays to all of my readers too.


Mishmash ! said...

Dont have words to express how happy I am!

So I made you cook something with so many ingredients, requiring patience, huh? :P

Hope your neighbors enjoy the cake and let me know which neighborhood u re in, I would be happy to be your neighbor :D thats a pretty gift !!

Merry X'mas!


Happy cook said...

Hey i too made the christmas cake from Mishmash. I think the blog world is going crazy for her Kerala christmas cake.
They are indeed delicious.

Mocha said...

Dont laugh at me shn. You dont how many times I regretted making this cake. Had to go get rum, fruits and wine in round 1. Then round 2 was caraway seeds. Round 3 was Vanilla essence and raisin.(which used to be in pantry always). Finally after 2 weeks i get to eat a tiny weeeny meatloaf size cake as the rest were gifts. But going out of my element was worth it.

Happy Cook:
I saw your post. I did my reserach of how many people have made it before i started the cake. Its good.

Bharathy said...

I made her cookies today!:)(mish mash)and came out perfect!
Lovely cake!Mishmash if you have too many cakes sent over..pls pass it over here :)
Merry christmas to u and ur family :)

Seena said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year , Mocha!
Had replied to you for your comment in my blog y'day. Glad to know you liked the dish.
thanks dear.Enjoy holidays!

reshma said...

Hi Pooja,

I was browsing for Christmas cake recipes in food blogs and found yours interesting.

I write for The New Indian Express, Chennai and would like to feature your blog in the Internet column which I write.

Would that be possible? I also have a few queries.



Reshma Iqbal